Our greetings

Kyoto is undoubtedly the best location to experience the historic culture of Japan. Even in Kyoto, Kitamura is a one-of-a-kind restaurant which serves mochi in its cuisine and courses. 50 years have now passed since its establishment and it has flourished under the love and support from its local patrons in Kyoto. It is our hope to show Kyoto's true hospitality, to not only Japanese guests, but also to guests from foreign countries. During the summer season the Yuka seating, a terrace-like platform, is created alongside the Kamo River and the restaurant is transformed into an open-air space from where the sky and the sun can be savored. During the winter, the interior of the townhouse provides a warm and authentic Japanese atmopshere perfect for dining. Private rooms are available for guests in families, large groups or with children, so please stop by Kitamura when experiencing the delights of Kyoto.

"Mochi", the Food that Represents Kitamura.

Mochi is an indispensable ingredient in Japanese cuisine, long said to bring good luck and traditionally eaten upon the New Year and other festive events. The activity of mochi-pounding, "mochi-tsuki", is likewise a tradition that has been observed over the years. There are many ways to enjoy mochi, and at Kitamura, simple mochi is combined with seaweed, fish roe, sea urchin and other ingredients, and served in a variety of different ways. The Japanese cuisine courses all center around mochi and this makes Kitamura a truly unique restaurant of Kyoto where the culture of Japan can be tasted.

The Relaxing Atmosphere of a "Machiya", a Japanese Townhouse.

Kyoto is famous for its unique townscape, and its townhouse buildings are known as "machiya's". These buildings tend to be long and narrow with land space being scarce. Even so, the townhouse does not occupy the entire area of land, and a small open space such as an inside garden or a small courtyard is commonly placed in each house. This not only improves the ventilation of the entire townhouse, but also provides a wonderful sense of spaciousness in what would otherwise be a place with little sunlight. Additionally, the garden and space elicits a feeling of the four seasons and offers a relaxing view to all guests dining in the machiya. This historic machiya restaurant made from wooden architecture, coupled with soft natural lighting from the inside garden, will truly calm your heart and provide you with a most relaxing dining experience.