Have you ever eaten delicious mochi in Japan?

Mochi is a traditional Japanese food that has been eaten since ancient times in which glutinous rice is turned into a chewy rice cake. "Mochi Kitamura" is a rare establishment in Kyoto in which mochi and other staples of Japanese cuisine can be enjoyed in a vintage Japanese townhouse atmosphere. Popular among the locals as well, Kyoto Kitamura is a place everyone can enjoy a relaxing dining experience under the concept of its owner, which is to "drink delicious alcohol, have satisfying conversation and enjoy a sumptuous feast". The Kyoto-experience can also be enjoyed during the traditional "Yuka" summer season (May to the end of September) in which a water-front deck is constructed alongside the Kamo River and guests can enjoy dining outside with the cool breeze and view of the river. The owner is able to communicate in English and is eager to teach guests the best way to enjoy mochi, recommend dishes and drinks that go along together perfectly, and display the hospitality of Kyoto.

About the Restaurant

Located in Japan’s ancient capital city of Kyoto, Mochi Kitamura is a one-of-a-kind restaurant unlike any other you’ll find in Japan. Built in a traditional Japanese machiya and serving mochi as one of the main ingredients of its cuisine, 50 years have now passed since Mochi Kitamura was established and it continues to flourish under the love and support of its patrons.

Restaurant Information

【Restaurant】Mochi Kitamura
(もち料理 きた村)
Counter:8 Seats
Private Room:5 Rooms ( 2 to 10 people)
Maximum Number of People:34
【Dress Code】No casual wear please (t-shirt, short pants, sandals etc.). Please refrain from wearing strong scented perfume.


Reservation required
【Payment Method】
Online payment for courses via credit card required for reservations.
For additional orders at the restaurant, only cash (Japanese Yen) is accepted.


Mochi Cuisine, Kyoto Cuisine
【Location】Japan, Kansai, Kyoto, Kiyamachi
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